"Every writer I know has trouble writing." So saith Joseph Heller, and it's a bit of a catch 22.

"Writing is hell and I love to write." If that sounds familiar, you're in the right place. We created this lonely little corner of hell where you can write, edit, save, share, re-edit, write some more, publish, retract, converse, connect, and reflect until you drop, and then you can start all over again when you come to. David E. Kelly says that he stopped going out to lunch with people because "they just knew my head was somewhere else." When that happens, you know you are in the writerhood. Um, welcome.

What can you do here? Well, you can write stuff, save it in your folder, and come back to edit. Once you are satisfied (as if), then you can push a button and make a book out of what you wrote. You can save variant drafts. And you can share your stuff here in the 'hood or email it to outsiders. Or keep your stuff completely secret, your own little letter to the world that never wrote to you. Fine.

Take a quick walk through The Writerhood by hitting create and make a one chapter book. Once you are done, hit "make it a book" and then download or email the result. That's free since you are just visiting. If you want to hang in the writerhood for a while, then sign up, pay the money, and keep all your stuff right here on the site, save a couple of versions, change stuff, save it again, come back later, and make as many books as you want. Oh yeah, you can also hang in the loft with the other insomniacs. Watch a video, crumple some paper. Court the muse.

Still want to know more?


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